Devonshire Arms – Confidential Info on Show

One thing many companies have learnt is that, when you’re expecting a knock at the door from protesters, you don’t leave your confidential information just hanging around. Clearly the Devonshire Arms haven’t learnt this yet, with NARN now acquiring (via photographs) their staff list and details of import meetings in 2012.

Here’s just a sample from the menu:

Devonshire Hotel & Restaurant – Meetings 2012
2nd Jan – 09.30 – Revenue Meeting
10th Jan – 08.30 – Marketing Meeting
17th Jan – 09.30 – Management Review Meeting
24th Jan – 08.30 – Revenue Meeting
31st Jan – Management Review Meeting
14th Feb – 08.30 – Marketing Meeting


Mobile Mayhem Hits Yorkshire

Foie Gras - Delicacy of Despair

Activists kicked off the day with a noisy demonstration outside Van Zeller’s restaurant on Montpellier, Harrogate, who are the town’s only establishment serving foie gras.

Hundreds of leaflets were handed out calling for a boycott and making the business’ name synonymous with cruelty. As posters were placed on the windows showing the true face of foie gras production, the few diners were ushered by staff to move tables. Many passers by pledged their support to campaigners.

Next we headed deep into the Yorkshire Dales to the Yorke Arms in Ramsgill, near Patley Bridge. Co-owner Frances Atkins came out whimmering that the protest was disturbing the business and local farmers driving past voiced their concerns regarding the welfare of birds bred for foie gras.

The Devonshire Arms at Bolton Abbey were next on the list and they certainly weren’t pleased to see us, especially as they were setting up for a dinny party. Staff were literally running back and forth throughout the building, whilst suited managerial staff stood guarding the doors and getting sodden in the snow.

Chanting echoed throughout the Devonshire’s gardens and information was provided about the countless undercover investigations inside foie gras farms.

Local abattoir John Penny & Sons were due for a visit, however they were closed, as were livestock hauliers Fred Greenwood & Sons in Esholt.

Last but not least was Circus Mondeo at Tong Lane, near Bradford, who have been exposed for using wild animals in cruel acts. One of the owners came out, red faced, swearing and fuming, as we denounced this archaic circus.

Mobile demonstrations are soon to become the norm across the region and all visited establishments can expect us back on their doorsteps pretty soon. With animals suffering, it’s time for action!

Campaigners Shut Down West Houghton Stadium

Activists in Bolton, Lancashire have scored victory with the closure of West Houghton Greyhound Stadium.

For many months, they have campaigned for its closure and have now received the news they’ve been waiting for. Drawing in bad publicity for the stadium, activists regularly highlighted the fate of dogs in the racing industry who suffer behind the glitz and glamour.

A press release on West Houghton’s website reads:

“It is with sincere regret that I must advise that the Stadium is now closed.

Due to numerous issue’s it is no longer an option to continue to operate the stadium.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported the track and genuinely wanted it to succeed.

Jason Seddon”

Belle Vue – No Future

Caged in Squallor - the UK's Largest Racing Dog Kennels

Twenty campaigners attended a demonstration at Belle Vue Stadium in Manchester against the cruelty involved in greyhound racing.

Not only has this stadium got a track record of dogs being killed as a result of injuries, but trainers who attend have also been exposed for keeping animals in horrific conditions.

Hundreds of leaflets were given out to potential punters, with many turning away. Despite desperate efforts from stadium staff to kick off fights, campaigners were undettered.

Attendance at the venue is at an all-time low, with the races not even attracting half f their capacity.

To get involved in the growing campaign, please e-mail

Demo at Cruel Pet Shop in Leeds

Dogs 4 Us have been exposed many times for animal cruelty. Sky TV went undercover inside their puppy breeding farms and found many sick and injured dogs; some with eye infections and all living in squallor.

It was, therefore, appriopriate to protest outside their Leeds store and inform their customers about the businesses practices and low welfare standards of this puppy mill.

The business had very few customers as it was, but after being given information many more decided to go elsewhere.

Weekly demonstrations are held outside Dogs 4 Us and the campaign continues until they close down.

Animal Circus Brings in Protests

Activists today protested at Circus Mondao at Tong, West Yorkshire, as a result of their outdated use of animals in performances.

In July 2012, it will become illegal for circuses to tour with any wild animals following mass public opposition and outcry.

Numbers attending the performance were low, with many members of the public vowing to boycott Tong for allowing the circus on their land.

The circus are touring unusually long and are at this location until January 2012. Protests are set to continue.

Please support the campaign against Circus Mondao by contacting the Leeds Tourist Information Centre who are running bookings for the show:

Tel: 0113 2425242

ALF Strike Against Circus Mondao

NARN received the following report:

Anonymous activists hit back at Circus Mondao by tearing down lots of posters. Animals do not belong in the circus.