Victory as Van Zellers Remove Foie Gras

Harrogate’s Van Zellers restaurant has been the focal point of a growing campaign surrounding their controversial use of foie gras on the menu.

Campaigners have protested outside and inside the establishment, local newspapers have covered the campaign and what we have been waiting for has proved it was not in vain.

This morning official e-mails have been received from owner Tom Van Zeller confirming the situation:

“I am not prepared to tolerate your behaviour.

So here’s what I am prepared to do. I am going to take Foie Gras off my menu.”

The restaurant’s menu has been adjusted accordingly to reiterate the update.

NARN would like to thank all our supporters who have been involved in the campaign and also send our regards to Mr Van Zeller for finally removing the dish from sale.

Activists Return to Shame Van Zellers

Campaigners yesterday returned to Van Zellers restaurant in Harrogate to protest their use of foie gras in their dishes.

Dressed smart, two activists were led to their reserved table by staff and left ready to wine and dine. After a short while, they begun an in-house demonstration of the production methods used in the rearing of ducks and geese for this dish. A staged ‘force feeding’ was conducted, much to the horror of clients.

As expected, they were forcibly evicted by the waiters as a noisy demonstration begun outside. Van Zeller clearly showed dismay at the shame brought to the business as he stood outside yelling down the phone to the police.

With dozens of businesses nationwide ditching this vile dish in recent weeks, there is no doubt that pressure is mounting on those who continue to support the cruelty of foie gras. According to the police present there have been numerous false bookings of tables at the restaurant.

More protests are planned for the coming weeks and local newspapers have printed articles about the campaign.

For a foie gras-free Britain!

Action Alert: Northern Foie Gras Peddlers

The following Northern restaurants, hotels and delicatessens current have foie gras for sale.

Please send them an email to remind them of the cruelty suffered by birds intensively reared to create this delicacy.

It’s time for action!

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To Whom It May Concern,

I was recently informed that your business sells foie gras, a delicacy which severely compromises the welfare of birds farmed for its production.

Foie gras is produced by force-feeding confined ducks or geese massive quantities of food, via a mechanized pump, several times a day for up to three weeks. At the end of this fattening period, the birds’ livers are swollen up to ten times their natural size. The birds are then slaughtered, and their livers are sold as “foie gras.” These conditions precipitate considerable casualties, and the mortality rate of animals in foie gras production far exceeds that of other animal industries. Some birds die when the metal feeding tube rips open their throats.

Many birds die of ruptured internal organs or asphyxiation when food becomes impacted in their throats and digestive systems. Many are so physically debilitated and in so much pain by the end of the force-feeding period that they are unable to stand or walk.

I request that you make a reputable decision and remove this delicacy of despair from sale at your establishment, otherwise I will be forced to boycott you and take my custom elsewhere.

Yours Sincerely

In-Restaurant Protest As Heat Turns Up On Van Zeller

Tonight two activists booked a table at Van Zeller’s restaurant in Harrogate with the aim of shaming them over continued sales of foie gras.

Entering into the restaurant, campaigners immediately begun shouting about the cruelty involved in the production of this vile delicacy and shaming the business.

Owner, Tom Van Zeller, immediately marched out of the kitchen, knowing quite well what the fuss was all about. He was confronted and asked if he’d like tubes forced down his throat and to be treated in the manner birds are on foie gras farms.

Many restaurants across the country are ditching foie gras as a result of public pressure and not wanting to be associated with extreme cruelty. The campaign against Van Zellers will continue until this dish is off the menu once and for all.

Six Baltic – No More Foie Gras

Six Reataurant is based in Gateshead’s world renowned Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, where people from across the world flock to see some extraordinary pieces.

Today we received the following statement confirming that, as of January, foie gras will no longer be an option on their menus:

“The removal of foie gras from our menus is something we have considered for some time and had infact already made a decision to stop earlier this year.  However, given the lead times necessary to create and market our menus (our December menus were finalised in the summer, for example), it takes some time for changes to be implemented.  When our new seasonal menus come in at the end of January we will cease to use foie gras as an ingredient in Six.

Kind regards,
Six Restaurant”

We thank Six Baltic for making such a decision and, as a result, request that all contact with them regarding this matter is ceased with immediate effect.

Foie Gras A Faux Pas at La Popote

Cheshire’s exquisite French restaurant La Popote has become the latest dinery to remove foie gras from their menus.

Joint Owner Lynne Janssen has this evening informed us that the delicacy of despair will no longer be available for purchase at her prime restaurant at Marton:

“Yes it does sound pretty awful and yes we will remove this best selling dish from our menu as soon as is practically possible.

This may take a couple of weeks.


Lynne Janssen”

Our thanks goes out to to La Popote for making such a decision following being presented with information about the production and rearing methods involved in farming birds for the dish.

Brooks Restaurant Remove Foie Gras

Brighouse-based Brook’s Restaurant were serving foie gras as part of their Special Occasions menu.

Following information being sent to the owners about foie gras production, owner Darrell Brook has made a reputable decision to remove the delicacy from sale.

“Thank you for your e~mail
It does make disturbing reading and as such the foie gras component will been substituted.

Yours sincerely,
Darrell Brook”

On behalf of NARN, we would like to openly thank Darrell Brook for making such a prompt choice and keeping the birds on foie gras farms in mind.