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Action Alert: Northern Foie Gras Peddlers

The following Northern restaurants, hotels and delicatessens current have foie gras for sale.

Please send them an email to remind them of the cruelty suffered by birds intensively reared to create this delicacy.

It’s time for action!


enquiries@laboheme.co.uk, info@redlionhighlane.co.uk, info@damsonrestaurant.co.uk, welcome@overwaterhall.co.uk, hotel@lindeth-howe.co.uk, info@millerhowe.com, lakeview@millerhowe.com, sales@lakesidehotel.co.uk, reservations@lakesidehotel.co.uk,
melanie.wilson@lakesidehotel.co.uk, clive.wilson@lakesidehotel.co.uk, enquiries@silcocks.co.uk, ninos@zen.co.uk, rebecca@browsholme.com, bookings@thewhitehart.co.uk, spirerestaurant@btinternet.com, enquiries@habroughhotel.com, enquiries@cafetwentyone.co.uk, careers@cafetwentyone.co.uk, info@fevershamarmshotel.com, reservations1@fevershamarmshotel.com, marketing2@fevershamarmshotel.com


enquiries@blackswan-helmsley.co.uk, weddings@blackswan-helmsley.co.uk, sales@deancourt-york.co.uk, info@deancourt-york.co.uk, info@yorke-arms.co.uk, enquiries@yorke-arms.co.uk, res@devonshirehotels.co.uk, reception@thedevonshirearms.co.uk, events@devonshirehotels.co.uk, spa@thedevonshirearms.co.uk, kittiesrestaurant@btinternet.com



To Whom It May Concern,

I was recently informed that your business sells foie gras, a delicacy which severely compromises the welfare of birds farmed for its production.

Foie gras is produced by force-feeding confined ducks or geese massive quantities of food, via a mechanized pump, several times a day for up to three weeks. At the end of this fattening period, the birds’ livers are swollen up to ten times their natural size. The birds are then slaughtered, and their livers are sold as “foie gras.” These conditions precipitate considerable casualties, and the mortality rate of animals in foie gras production far exceeds that of other animal industries. Some birds die when the metal feeding tube rips open their throats.

Many birds die of ruptured internal organs or asphyxiation when food becomes impacted in their throats and digestive systems. Many are so physically debilitated and in so much pain by the end of the force-feeding period that they are unable to stand or walk.

I request that you make a reputable decision and remove this delicacy of despair from sale at your establishment, otherwise I will be forced to boycott you and take my custom elsewhere.

Yours Sincerely


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