In-Restaurant Protest As Heat Turns Up On Van Zeller

Tonight two activists booked a table at Van Zeller’s restaurant in Harrogate with the aim of shaming them over continued sales of foie gras.

Entering into the restaurant, campaigners immediately begun shouting about the cruelty involved in the production of this vile delicacy and shaming the business.

Owner, Tom Van Zeller, immediately marched out of the kitchen, knowing quite well what the fuss was all about. He was confronted and asked if he’d like tubes forced down his throat and to be treated in the manner birds are on foie gras farms.

Many restaurants across the country are ditching foie gras as a result of public pressure and not wanting to be associated with extreme cruelty. The campaign against Van Zellers will continue until this dish is off the menu once and for all.


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