Mobile Mayhem Hits Yorkshire

Foie Gras - Delicacy of Despair

Activists kicked off the day with a noisy demonstration outside Van Zeller’s restaurant on Montpellier, Harrogate, who are the town’s only establishment serving foie gras.

Hundreds of leaflets were handed out calling for a boycott and making the business’ name synonymous with cruelty. As posters were placed on the windows showing the true face of foie gras production, the few diners were ushered by staff to move tables. Many passers by pledged their support to campaigners.

Next we headed deep into the Yorkshire Dales to the Yorke Arms in Ramsgill, near Patley Bridge. Co-owner Frances Atkins came out whimmering that the protest was disturbing the business and local farmers driving past voiced their concerns regarding the welfare of birds bred for foie gras.

The Devonshire Arms at Bolton Abbey were next on the list and they certainly weren’t pleased to see us, especially as they were setting up for a dinny party. Staff were literally running back and forth throughout the building, whilst suited managerial staff stood guarding the doors and getting sodden in the snow.

Chanting echoed throughout the Devonshire’s gardens and information was provided about the countless undercover investigations inside foie gras farms.

Local abattoir John Penny & Sons were due for a visit, however they were closed, as were livestock hauliers Fred Greenwood & Sons in Esholt.

Last but not least was Circus Mondeo at Tong Lane, near Bradford, who have been exposed for using wild animals in cruel acts. One of the owners came out, red faced, swearing and fuming, as we denounced this archaic circus.

Mobile demonstrations are soon to become the norm across the region and all visited establishments can expect us back on their doorsteps pretty soon. With animals suffering, it’s time for action!


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